AGA Stoves

The beautiful cast iron panels of an AGA stove are individually moulded in a hand finished 'cast'. This means that AGA can create gentle curves and exquisite design details which are the hallmark of a high quality stove.


Cast iron is renown for it's heat retention properties, which is why AGA use it in their world famous cookers. The heat stored whilst the stove is lit continues to be released into the room, long after the embers have died away.


AGA stoves are manufactured to the highest possible standards. AGA stoves carry the CE mark, which means they comply with the essential requirements of the relevant European health,safety environmental protection legislation and are all HETAS listed. AGA stoves have a five year parts and one year labour warranty.



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On display in our showroom : Wren, Little Wenlock SE, Ellesmere 4, Ellesmere 5 and the Westbury.


Wren SE

Little Wenlock

Classic SE

Ludlow SE


Ellesmere 4 & 5